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Intelligence and IQ

The Role of Genetics in IQ and Intelligence
Your brain, your nervous system, your entire body is constructed according to instructions received from the genes that you have inherited from your parents. It would seem reasonable that superior genes would provide a child with superior intelligence capacity. And in fact, researchers have discovered that parents with high IQ's tend to have children with high IQ's, while parents with low IQ's tend to have children with low IQ’s. Does that prove that intelligence is inherited? Read more…


Do You Need a High IQ to Be Successful?
Does having a high IQ score guarantee success in later life? No, it doesn't! It doesn't even guarantee success in school. A Canadian television program recently tracked down some of the people with the highest IQ scores in North America. One man who has an extremely high genius IQ works as a motorcycle mechanic, hangs out with biker gangs, and is frequently in and out of jail. Read more…


Daily IQ Test
Daily changing IQ-style questions of diverse nature for fun and learning purposes.

IQ & Personality Tests
A range of PhD certified IQ & personality tests, and other tests related to health, fitness, entertainment, career, etc.

IQ Tests
Find out all about IQ tests -- when they were developed, what they measure, what the score means, and get tips for taking IQ tests.
Articles on and references to IQ and EQ Tests on the web.

Startkabel IQ Links
Links to IQ tests in various languages.

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